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uRapidFlow provides for lightning speed and versatility when it comes to importing and exporting all of Magento's Product and Sales data. Now you can import, export or update thousands of records in a matter of seconds or minutes rather than hours. Use it for data import/export, integrations, synchronizations, migrations, updates, backup, recovery, data analysis.




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Automation and Efficiency

uRapidflow provides for unparalleled features for automation and efficiency of data operations.

  • Automatically create categories, products, attributes, images and other data
  • Create, update, delete and rename records in a single run
  • Import from or export to remote locations
  • Unique configuration and mapping for multiple import/export profiles
  • Run single or batch sessions automatically
  • Schedule runs as required
  • Automatic re-index and cache refresh post run completion

Data Integrity

Built-in data validation and reporting features insure data integrity.

  • Extensive data validation options
  • Exception and error handling
  • Error logging
  • Warnings and errors messages with detailed explanations
  • Dry run data validation options
  • Recognize and skip records that do not require updating

Product Data

uRapidFlow Pro easily handles importing and exporting of all Product data structures such as:

  • Categories
  • Related, Upsell, Cross-sell products
  • Simple products
  • Configurable products
  • Custom options
  • Grouped products
  • Bundled products
  • Product Images
  • Tier prices
  • Downloads
  • Attributes Sets
  • Attribute Values
  • Attribute options
  • Images from http URLs or other locations

Sales and Financial Data

uRapidFlow Sales add-on provides for importing and exporting of all Sales and Financial data structures of Magento.

  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Invoices
  • Taxes
  • Quotes
  • Payments
  • Credit memos
  • Shipments
  • Billing Agreements
  • Gift messages
  • Recurring profiles

Multi Source Inventory Data

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI) Add-On provides for an easy way to automatically create and update inventory in a multi-location and multi-source environment of Magento's MSI module. Assign SKUs to various locations, sources and sales channels as well as track and update SKU quantities and statuses per each location, source and sales channel.

  • MSI Source
  • MSI Stock
  • MSI Stock Source Link
  • MSI Source Item
  • MSI Stock Sales Chanel

B2B Data

B2B Add-On provides for importing and of Magento’s B2B data structures.

  • Companies
  • Company Credit
  • Company Payment
  • Shared Catalog
  • Requisition Lists
  • Negotiable Quotes


Easily integrate with multiple data sources, locations, formats and systems.

  • Customizable import/export templates
  • Configurable adapters for all data types and sources
  • Intelligent data-mapping
  • Real-Time or Scheduled integration runs
  • Export to or import from multiple location types and systems


Lightning speed data processing ensures highest level of performance

**Benchmark Test Result on Magento Commerce v 2.3.3**

New product import: 150-200 rows per second
Update existing products: 250-400 rows per second

Import 213,363 rows of product extra data: ~5.5 minutes (647 rows/second)
Export 213,363 rows of product extra data: ~34 seconds (6,275 rows/second)
Import 1,574 categories: ~14 seconds (113 rows/second)
Export 1,574 categories: ~6 seconds (263 rows/second)

Scalability, Security and Performance

Proven architecture provides for highly scalable and resilient performance.

  • Stable small footprint memory usage
  • Easily handles large volumes of data and processing spikes
  • Proven to handle millions of records
  • Optional file encoding
  • Built-in security features protect against malicious data upload
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“Unirgy uRapidFlow offers the ability to easily and quickly create and update thousands of products and categories in seconds, an essential tool in any merchant's portfolio.”

Jonathan Tudhope


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“Key Organics has been using uRapidFlow for over 6 years, without this we wouldn’t be able to manage our 500,000 SKU database.  On the odd occasion we have required support, the team have responded quickly and resolved any problem efficiently. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend uRapidFlow and Unirgy to any Magento admin.”

Gary Lyons

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“We have been working with Unirgy since 2011. Throughout multiple projects and use cases, we have come to rely upon uRapidflow as an essential catalog data management tool. Unirgy has had responsive and consistent support throughout the time we have been working with them, and they have never shied away from guiding us and our developers to a working solution if any issues arose. We continue to look forward to working with Unirgy on our projects.”

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